The breed was created in the 1850s in Yorkshire's wool district. Weavers and wool factory workers took a hobby, and with all certainty as extra income, to very small, soft-haired terriers, who became popular companions dogs at ladies. It probably originates from old English black and tan terriers, Maltese, dandie dinmont terrier and sky terrier. Yorkshire Terriers were recognized race in 1886. It is now a popular exhibition and companiondog around the world.


Since the breed according to the breed standard must have long fur, it requires a piercing at least every other day. Yorkshire Terrier has no undercoat. One bath every two to three weeks, more often when needed and if the dog has long coat. Many cut the dog's coat short. It should not be done if it is going to show.


Size and appearance

According to the breed standard, there is no lower weight indication, but the maximum weight is given to 3.2 kg. In practice, many individuals weigh more. There is no height in the breed standard, but most are between 20 and 25 cm. It is often born both small and large puppies in the same litter, depending on the breed's background. The color is dark steel blue (not silver blue).

Properties / Mentality

The Yorkshire Terrier is a keen, alert and fearless dog. It is curious in nature and would like to keep up with most things. But like all dogs, it needs education to feel good.